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Whole Feed Alternative 

Protein sources: Organic (non fortified)Eggs, Meal worms, Plain Alfalfa pellet (soaked) . 

Two hard boiled eggs, mashed Or 1 cup of live or dehydrated Meal worms Or 1/4 cup of Plain Alfalfa pellets soaked for four hours. 

Feed protein source separately or mixed with the dry ration at time of feeding...... 

Mix separate from protein source: 1/4 cup of whole wheat

1/4 cup of whole or cracked corn 1/2 cup of whole or rolled oats 

1 teaspoon of iodized salt 

1/4 cup of brewers dried yeast 

1/4 cup of Millet

1/4 cup of black oil sunflower seeds. 

Mix well and offer 1-2 cups of this per duck or goose per day. 

Dark leafy greens should be offered free choice. 

Kale and Turnip greens are the best. 

Blending these greens and adding them to the water would also be a good idea. 

GRANITE GRIT should be available free choice

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