Lemon the Duck

Rats, Protecting Your Waterfowl   
Laura Backman
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Now that the warmer months are here it is time to start thinking of more than just protecting your birds from large predators and start making sure you are watching out for the smaller ones as well. Yes, Rats, particularly the Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) are a serious predator and not one that should be looked at as just a nuisance. These intelligent hunters are elusive, cunning, inventive and very prolific. A large population of Rats can kill a vast amount of vegetation (including mature trees) with underground burrowing and can spread deadly diseases to both your birds and you. Don't think you can simply lock a persistent rat out of your duck house and think the problem is solved. Rats can and do gnaw through even the strongest wood to get at something they want. They even have been known to chew through metal garbage cans. These are true predators in every sense of the word and must be controlled at all costs.

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