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Chicken feed instructions Chick to Adult


Fortunately Chickens are the most popular backyard poultry type raised in the US, this means easy to come by feed, supplies and information but here is some information to help raise happy and healthy chickens.




Growth 0 - 8 Weeks old. Chick starter. Medicated or non-medicated (90% starter, 10% oatmeal and chick sized granite grit)


Non Medicated has nothing to control coccidea. I always recommend either early vaccination and the use of non medicated feed or use medicated feed without vaccination. Coccidea is such a problem with chicks that not using one of the two treatments will usually lead to 20 - 40% mortality, even if your sanitation is impeccable.


Development Phase One, 8 - 10 weeks mix 25% chick starter, 25% chicken grower and 50% whole oats and grower grit available


Development Phase Two, 10 -20 weeks, mix 50% grower feed with 50% whole oats and developer grit available


Layer pullets , 20 weeks to the end of laying period, 80% layer feed, 20% whole oats or scratch grains and oyster shell and layer grit available


Adult hens in their second laying season, 70% layer feed, 30% grains and oyster shell and layer grit available


Young Cockerels and Roosters 20 weeks to breeder season or as a maintenance, 50%Grower, 50%grain and grower grit available


Breeder, 90% Breeder feed and 10% scratch grains or mix 40% Game bird crumbles, 40% layer and 20% grain. No oyster shell. Grower grit available


Green feed should always be provided, especially during breeding season when UGF's (unidentified growth factors) in green feed play a pivotal role in the development of healthy embryos. Chickens love a large variety of fruits and vegetables so these should also be provided when available.

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