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Perfectly Pekin Pictures


My name is Lemon. I am a crested Pekin duck, hatched in April of 2006. I was born with neurological issues which affect my coordination and balance. I am unable to stand or walk on my own but my friends made me some special equipment so I can stand up and zoom around. I have become quite a little swimmer too. As I get older, I need a little more help, but I always love going in the water and living life! I grew up in a classroom and at home with my teacher friend, Laura, so I'm an imprinted duck. I just love people, especially children.

Don't feel sorry for me. I have a great life! My balance problem is not painful. I go for rides in my baby carriage, swimming in my tub or in the river, almost everywhere my family goes, and I get to visit lots of kid and adult friends. I get oodles of love and attention.

I have loads of adventures---and consequently so does Laura. I go to the mall, outdoor concerts, Powows, camping, to the dentist (Laura's), the grocery store (shhh), to New Hampshire to swim in the Saco River, canoe trips, and even to some churches. So many other places too.

My favorite things to do are: cuddle, swim, preen, eat, stand up in my stand aid or scooter (The Lemobile), and cuddle some more.

In the summertime, I like to swim in the river in back of my house or in the Saco River in New Hampshire. I always look for minnows beneath the water and for other interesting stuff.

I also enjoy swimming with children. I circle right around them for a few pats on the head, and then swim off a little, teasing them to come and chase me.

My friend Laura says I'm a joy to be around and that I am a Quacktastic friend and learning experience for all.

I hope you enjoy my Web-site!

Perfectly Pekin Pictures