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The Svensk gul anka or Yellow Swedish duck, is very rare in this country. We have two breeding groups of 12 individuals, on our farm. They have been part of an ongoing study here, but we are still not convinced of their authenticity. We imported eggs from Europe about six years ago from a reputable breeder (Ashton Waterfowl) and we know that what we have are considered Yellow Swedish, but their resemblance to Buff Orpington is so close, that to call them a distinct breed I think is still immature. They lack a bib (something true Swedish Ducks have) and their egg production is much higher than Swedish. Again more close to Orpington. So, my advise would be if you are interested in these ducks, consider the Buff Orpington as the US alternative. Even an avid poultry raiser would have a hard time distinguishing the difference between the two. They are also much quieter and much more jumpy than the Blue or Black Swedish. They are pretty ducks though, especially after the molt.

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